Whenever someone hurt me in some way – whether it was a verbal assault or any other unkind action – not only would I feel upset and offended, but I also wanted to do something in return.

I would often spend a lot of time, including many sleepless nights, rehashing the incident and wishing some sort of retribution for the violator.

I eventually came to realize that no amount of revenge or “karma” – either real or imagined – would make me happy. And then I discovered A Course in Miracles and these lines:

“Beware the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated.” And, “You cannot be unfairly treated.”

The meaning behind these lines is that while others may do awful, hateful, vicious things – we are responsible for the meaning we give it. And our emotions come from a choice we make in our mind, having nothing to do with what another person says or does.

So the next time we catch ourselves feeling betrayed or mistreated in some way, we can return to our mind and make the choice for peace instead of war.