What happens when we worry?

We imagine some calamitous future event befalling us or others we care about. A very unfortunate circumstance.

Our stomach churns as cortisol courses through our system.

But the adverse event has not yet occurred. Nor may it ever.

Yet that doesn't stop us from borrowing unhappiness. We visualize a future negative condition, take it as truth, and incorporate into our current reality.

The event might as well have transpired for how real we've made it seem.

But that need not be.

In each moment we determine our sense of well-being based on a choice. What A Course in Miracles refers to as a choice between the ego and the mind of spirit. Translated into our everyday experiences, we can either borrow unhappiness or take ownership of peace.

When we choose the ego, we will always play out what-if scenarios in our mind. Sometimes those what-ifs are relatively minor in consequence. But typically they are far more fatalistic.

There's a purpose behind the ego's directives. And that's to keep us rooted in the drama, captivated by the assumed adversity.

On the other hand, when we choose the mind of spirit, a comforting calmness washes over our being. While we may still plan for some eventuality or another, it's done without any stress or worry.

That peace is our natural inheritance. One we experience each time we return to our mind and choose against the ego's injunctions. We essentially look at our presumed pernicious pain and say:

Peace to such foolishness! The time has come to laugh at such insane ideas. (W-pI.190.4)

Que sera, sera. What may be, may be. Or may not.

But in this present moment - and in every present moment - the choice for peace awaits but our election. Completely independent of any occurrence in the world, our body, or any other body.

Thus let us no longer borrow unhappiness, that heavy anchor of debt. Instead, we can lend joy to ourselves and everyone around us.

Join me in Thursday's class where we'll explore the needless nature of worry and how we can escape its nauseating grip. I look forward to seeing you then.