Question: Who or What is the voice of heaven?

In the course, the “voice of heaven” is another term for the Holy Spirit. Which is the reminder of truth, a reflection of oneness.

Going back to the metaphysics of the course, words like Truth, Heaven, Oneness, God, Being, Love, Life … those are all synonyms for the “state” of infinite oneness. I put the word “state” in quotes because it isn’t really a state. Infinite oneness simply IS. But we have no concept of what that means, so we use words in an attempt to describe something beyond words. So I say “state of infinite oneness” even though it isn’t a state … infinite oneness simply is.

And that is-ness of infinite oneness is all there is. How could there be anything apart from infinite oneness? So that “state” is reality.

But of course, that’s certainly not our reality. Our reality is all these bodies, now at 8 billion Homo sapiens, and billions and billions of other “stuff”, not to mention trillions and trillions of miles of empty space. Our reality most definitely is not infinite oneness.

And what the course is teaching us is that there was an insane idea that there could be something separate from infinite oneness. And of course that’s an insane idea because “infinite oneness” implies … well … that all is one and that it is infinite in span. So clearly there cannot be anything “else”. That’s why it’s an insane idea.

The course uses the metaphor of a speck of sunlight believing it is separate from the sun. Or a droplet of water in the ocean believing it is separate from the ocean. It’s an insane idea.

But the droplet of ocean water that believes it is separate from the ocean will have a rough go of it. Because it believes it is no longer one with all. It believes it is now this little droplet cast about by waves and storms and billions of other droplets beating against it, and so forth. A little droplet that will eventually evaporate and die.

But even though the little droplet believes it is apart from the ocean doesn’t make it reality. Just because we believe something doesn’t make it real. Yes, belief makes it real to us, but it doesn’t change reality proper.

So, the “voice for the ocean” is the voice that says, “You are not a little droplet. The ocean is. And you are part of that is-ness. You are an inseparable part of that is-ness. In fact, you are not even “part” of the ocean. You ARE ocean.”

Well, we all believe we are little droplets of “life”. Thinking that we are actually separate and apart from One Life. And the “voice for heaven” is the still, small voice that says “You are not a little life droplet. Life is. Oneness is. Heaven is. And you are a part of that is-ness. You are an inseparable part of that is-ness. In fact, you are not even “part” of heaven. You ARE heaven.”

So that is what the course means by the “voice of heaven.”