Imagine you're wearing a perfectly fitted, custom tailored fine suit. It's the most comfortable outfit you own, made of exquisite material that feels wonderful on your skin.

There's just one unusual characteristic regarding this finery; it is covered in velcro.

No matter, you don't even notice nor can anyone else. You nonchalantly go about in all your splendor.

Now bring to mind everything that pains or disturbs you in any way. Finances, bodily health, relationship issues, work struggles, concern for others, and so forth.

This is our list of grievances, and we each have such an inventory. If we're honest, it's a considerable tally.

Now imagine that each one of these grievances is a ball, its size commensurate with the extent of the annoyance. A mild inconvenience might be marble-size whereas a deeply unsettling upset more like a beach ball.

There's one critical component regarding every one of these grievance balls. They are covered in velcro.

And what happens when these velcro spheres come in contact with the velcro suit we're wearing?

They stick. Soundly.

The grievances follow us everywhere we go. No matter how hard we try to shake them off, they're stuck. And regrettably, there is plenty of room for additional grievance balls to attach.

These clinging orbs are so annoying and distressing that we spend most of our days trying to dislodge them. If I make more money, I can remove this one. Once I get these relationship issues resolved, the ones over here can come off.

So much time and energy exerted on extracting these grievances from our life. And just when we remove one, more come along to adhere.

It's an act of endless futility.

Until we realize there is one solution that can actually work. Removing the velcro suit.

Having shed the gluey garment, no matter how many grievance balls exist they can no longer affect us.

The velcro suit goes by another name: the ego mind. And every time we choose the ego, we slip into that velcro attire with all its attendant grievances. Without ever realizing the connection.

The way to lay grievances aside is not to struggle through painfully removing each one from our lives. Instead, by choosing against the ego mind we lay down our clingy cloak. All our problems follow suit.

In the gentle guidance from Lesson 80 of A Course in Miracles, "Let us be determined not to collect grievances today."

The way we do that is by returning awareness to our mind and making the choice for the right-mind of spirit. There is only one thing that can attach to us in such a state: love.

Join me in Thursday's Zoom class where we'll explore our fateful attraction to the velcro suit and how we can go about making a better fashion (and life) choice. I look forward to seeing you then.