Join me for a brief journey into an incredible tale.

There's buried treasure awaiting our discovery. More valuable than all the riches you can imagine. It's quite extraordinary really.

And there is a treasure map pointing the way.

Unfortunately a powerful bandit is hell-bent on preventing us from discovering the treasure. This deceitful marauder cast a spell on us thereby rendering the map pretty much useless.

The spell has two effects. First, it causes selective amnesia regarding the treasure map. We have no awareness nor recollection of such a path toward riches. And second, just in case we somehow stumble upon the map, the spell causes us to believe the X represents not treasure but danger. In fact, we don't see an X, we see a skull & crossbones warning us away.

Now let me be a little more frank. This isn't really a tall tale, it's a true testament.

There is indeed buried treasure. Of immeasurable value. It's called the mind.

And there is a treasure map. In fact, there are many treasure maps. But for our journey we'll refer to the one known as A Course in Miracles. This map leads us out of the far country of desolate poverty back into the heavenly oasis of the mind.

Our nefarious adversary, the ego, obstructs this treasure hunt at all costs.

Why is the ego so seemingly villainous in its opposition? Because it maintains its existence through our belief that the ego alone can provide sustenance and guidance. When we struggle, the ego provides hope. When our needs are met, it is through the benevolence of the ego. Our identity is forged through ego entanglement. And in return, the ego's existence is completely dependent on our allegiance.

Were we to discover the astonishing treasure to which the map leads, the ego's relevance, and entire essence, would cease.

Defensively the ego conjures a divinatory spell causing us to have no awareness of the mind. And if there is no mind, then any map is worthless.

But the ego is a very clever treasure blunter. Making maps meaningless is just its first move.

Next is the attraction to drama. By rooting us in a body, in a world with billions of other bodies, all striving to have their needs met while minimizing pain - the ego has created quite the spectacle. But the performance is just beginning. To ensure rapt attention from morning through moonlight, the ego makes its own treasure map. One that also promises riches.

Plenty of money. A healthy, attractive body. Attention and respect from other attractive bodies. Ideal relationships with wonderful friends and devoted lovers. Stimulating conversations. Riotous laughter. Exciting, fun, relaxing excursions.

Anything and everything we think would make us happy. Those are the riches to which the ego's treasure map leads. And if not in this lifetime, then the next. So we hold out hope. And deepen our ego attachment.

Finally, to ensure we never pursue the real treasure in the mind, the ego has one last bastion of deterrent that is terrifyingly brilliant. Should we see through its defenses and recognize the map, the ego convinces us that in the mind lies not treasure but annihilation.

Every aspect of what we consider to be "me" - our identity, our family, our loves, our good deeds, our soul - would be permanently eradicated. Painfully.

Makes no difference that this is not true. Since we completely believe the ego we swiftly toss the map aside, relieved to bury such dreadful thoughts.

The ego's plan is thoroughly foolproof, but thankfully, it is not God-proof (T-5.VI.10). When we step out of the drama and look calmly on the ego's strategy we see through the charade. Annihilation is not what awaits us in the mind, enraptured euphoria does. "A treasure so great that everything the world contains is valueless before its magnitude." (W-pI.166.5)

Priceless treasure to be discovered. A map confidently leading the way. It's a most prosperous treasure hunt beckoning us to accompany. Are you in?

Join me in Thursday's zoom session where we'll review the map, discuss the obstacles, and set our sights on the treasure - the experience of blissful peace. I look forward to seeing you then.