Be impeccable with your word is sage counsel for everyone. And certainly the inverse of such wisdom serves no one well.

But what does it actually mean in practice?

Impeccable implies the highest standard of behavior. Performing in accordance with an ideal disposition. Essentially, faultless living.

Thus being impeccable with one’s word is to consistently speak kindly, gently, and truthfully. Without a shred of deceit or desire for approval.

Which, as we know all too well, is quite difficult.

But there is a way to achieve such noble intentions, and that’s by seeing how self-centered we are in thought.

Thus the path to an impeccable life is to be peccable with one’s word. Yet to look lovingly on such imperfection.

Identifying ourselves - and others - as a body is, perforce, to experience lack and desire. From such a perspective, our thoughts and actions naturally proceed from a primary consideration of those for whom we care most.

The way to transcend such limiting beliefs is not by altering or squelching our ego-based thoughts and behaviors. Rather, it’s by looking at the meaning we give them - with gentleness, with kindness, and with a light-heartedness.

We’re most impeccable with our word when we’ve first looked within, discovered the inherent pain and sorrow that suffuses all our schemes, and then looked on such thoughts with non-judgmental tenderness.

From which love inherently flows through us and takes whatever form (thoughts, words, actions) is most helpful for any particular situation.

Join me in Thursday’s class where we’ll explore the nature of being impeccable with one’s word, and how we can learn to become channels for peace. I look forward to seeing you then.