"Many mickles make a muckle."

It's an old Scottish proverb that was one of George Washington's favorite sayings.

A mickle is a little thing. Many of them add up to a big thing, a muckle.

And for better or worse, we are muckle making machines.

Let's begin our discussion with mickles made from the mind of the ego.

Each time we get angry, sad, disappointed, anxious, or even just mildly frustrated - we make a mickle.

Why? Because we've chosen the ego. And each time we make that choice, two things happen. First, we increase the likelihood that we'll do it again. And we add to our bottomless well of wretchedness.

Our thoughts and emotions always tell us when we've chosen the ego. It's every moment that we are not at perfect peace. And if we're honest with ourselves, that's pretty much all the time.

Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have [chosen the ego]. (T-5.VII.5)

If we believe the next job, the next relationship, the next president, or even the next lifetime will improve our sense of satisfaction - then once again we're right back in the ego mind, making mickles.

Of course, the mickles add up. Into an enormously massive muckle. That we drag around, like a heavy anchor securely bound to our psyche.

Until we finally realize there is another way.

Each time we catch ourselves having chosen the ego, without judgment, we create a different kind of mickle. One that is full of joy and peace and lightness.

Each time we smile gently on ourselves and others with a silent reminder that we (and they) can choose again - we create another precious mickle.

Each time we see the shared purpose that unites all of us and excludes no one - we add to that treasure.

Having returned awareness to the mind and recognizing our choice for the ego, we are now able to see the love that radiates from every single entity, regardless of what appears as form.

Now our mickles are adding up to a very different kind of muckle. One that does not crush us under its weight. Instead, it embraces with an incredible warmth and gentleness. And we are filled with an unconditional love that radiates on everything.

Let's be vigilant for the mickles we make. For better or worse, each adds up. With awareness returned to our mind, we can choose to create a majestic muckle. The peace we experience is extraordinary.

Join me in Thursday's class where we'll explore all the mickles we make - and how we can practice creating only those that lead to joy. I look forward to seeing you then.