You may remember a commercial that first aired in the late 1980s featuring a pink rabbit wearing sunglasses and flip-flops, marching along while beating a bass drum.

Meet the Energizer Bunny. A parody of the 1970s Duracell Bunny. And so began the "battery rabbit wars."

For the past 32 years, to the present day, these two companies have been in court suing one another. One might wryly suggest the lawsuits mirror their battery claims; they keep going and going.

Though in truth neither battery lasts longer than a few hours. So much for non-stop energy.

But what is far more deserving of such an extraordinary endurance declaration is our belief in a thought system of separation. What A Course in Miracles refers to as the ego, a syncopated staccato of senselessness, screeching "me, me, me." Every pain or pleasure reconfirming a reality we staunchly embrace.

We are all Energizer bunnies, believing our identity is encapsulated by a name and a body, surrounded by other bodies who hold the same view. Drum sticks in hand, we incessantly strut forth in a parade of so-called life. One mournful dirge after another.

Until we finally realize we truly can exchange ceaseless sorrow for sustained serenity. A peace that "surpasses all understanding."

And to delight in such a joyful bliss, we need not deny any experience nor replace any batteries. We simply look with gentleness at each of our grievances with a "little willingness" to see them differently. To quietly question whether our interpretation of reality might be wrong.

The realization that heaven is within transforms every encounter. Life as we know it becomes exceedingly radiant, an unconditional contentment filling every interaction. Learning how to return awareness to the mind is our key to freedom. At which point we meet with a "deep peace and tremendous release" that indeed keeps going and going and going.

Join me in Thursday's class where we'll explore practices for returning to this true source of unlimited power. I look forward to seeing you then.