On the day I was born, the number one song in the United States was a duet by Sonny & Cher titled I Got You Babe.

A waltz-y folk and rock ballad, it became the duo’s signature song and helped usher in the early stages of the hippie countercultural movement.

Not surprisingly, it was my mother’s favorite song of the time.

While the lyrics portray teenage romance, the chorus provides us a perfect backdrop for practicing A Course in Miracles.

Feeling sad or lonely? Our inner voice - reflecting the unwavering, infinite love of oneness - says to each of us, “I got you.”

Stressed, anxious, or fearful? “I got you.”

No matter what circumstances might befall us as individuals, families, nations, or species; once again that still, small voice of oneness gently whispers, “I got you.”

The way to hear that beautiful melody is by turning attention inward and noticing the distressing dirge that’s been repeating ad nauseam in our minds. But, looking without judgment.

As Socrates so brilliantly intuited, the light of heaven is within - it’s just been covered up by layers of darkness. Likewise, the melos behind that warm, embracing “I got you” refrain is always playing. It’s just been drowned out by the raucous shrieking of the ego.

By turning within and noticing the noise, with gentleness, with kindness, with a light-heartedness - then do the lovely notes of heaven’s song permeate the present.

Join me in Thursday’s class where we’ll learn more about the inner music and how we can practice becoming a far better DJ. I look forward to seeing you then.